Brookfield Relocation Services Provider

No matter how experienced you are, moving is never easy.

Erin has years of experience helping people relocate to and from Ottawa, and she understands how stressful it can be when you have a deadline. Erin's vast experience has enabled her to effectively create systems to minimize your stress and maximize your HHT (House Hunting Trip). 

A lot of details can be discussed and taken care of before getting your transfer/posting message. It's important to know that it's NEVER too early to get in touch with Erin once you hear that you may be posted.

To receive a copy of Erin Field Homes’ Relocation Package and to get started, please contact Erin here. 

The Federal Government Integrated Relocation Program is a unique program that provides government entities which include the Government of Canada, the Canadian Forces, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with increased flexibility and assistance to relocation.

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